About the Magazine

Lifestyle is a elite magazine circulated to the elite at page3 parties, clubs,lounge bars, high end gyms and through tie up with banks and priced edition at airports and premium book stands. Each issue is full of fashion, distilling the seasonal fashion and beauty must-haves and emerging trends for readers who want to be inspired and in the know.The first and most read english magazine in the country, has been capturing the essence of the Indians for 7 years now, and has not just accompanied but also evolved beautifully over the years.  The Magazine covers a broad spectrum of topics including fashion, beauty, relationships, celebrities, wellness, travel, and food. It also features user-generated content in the form of tips, communities, forums, polls, contests and other interactive articles. Lifestyle Magazine is bolder in thought and more readable, with snippety, juicy content. It raises issues, engages the community, gives a strong point of view on issues that matter, and shapes opinions

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